Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 1So you want to use emoji, symbols or emoticons in your email subject lines? Another common question that many ask is “should I use them”?

Lets address the “should I” question first. Yes. BUT you should not over use them and in my personal opinion, do not use any emoji’s that move (like gif). You may think that using GIF style emoji and symbols will catch email receivers attention but in my experience it will annoy people which = unsubscribes.

The main things to keep in mind is to make sure they are relevant to your email campaign and do NOT over use them.

Secondly, you have to worry about your emails getting caught in the SPAM trap. Over usage of emoticons can and will get your email sent to the spam box, count on it! So to be on the safe side use only one, period.

Using emoticons, emoji and symbols in your email subject line is pretty simple. Most of the major email systems now support them as they have become main stream. My favorite two resources for finding the perfect emoji symbols are:

  • Facebook Symbols (link below)
  • Graphemica (link below)

There are 100’s (if not 1K+) of sites with emoji’s and other emoticons symbols but the above two should suffice to most. Here is a quick overview of using the two above.

Using Facebook Symbols:

Fsymbols is fairly straight forward to use. The main thing to remember is:

  • Emoji and Emoticons with dark backgrounds are “categories” and you must click to see all
  • Emoji and Emoticons with light backgrounds are ready to copy by simply clicking on them

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 2

Once you have found that perfect emoji or emoticon, click on it (white background) and it is automatically copied to your clipboard.

This is what it looks like pasted into my email client (Gmail):

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 3

If you use a quality email autoresponder service (MailerLite recommended), you can also paste symbols into your customers emails:

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 4

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Visit Facebook Symbols

Using Graphemica:

There is a little more work in using Graphemica but it may be worth the effort. The first step is of course going to the site and searching:

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 5

Once you find the perfect symbol, there are a couple of ways to inset into your email subject line. What I have found works best is to simply highlight the symbol:

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 6

To highlight drag cursor using your mouse (or if on touch screen, your finger/pen) until it is “highlighted”. Right click and choose copy. Then you will simply paste it into your email subject line:

Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage 7

You can also try using the unicode shown below the symbol. Example from above: U+1F4D8

Visit Graphemica

This concludes Email Subject Line Emoji and Symbols Usage and we hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to us via our newsletter or Feedburner for more online profit news.