Payment Processor Stealing Client Lists

Ask yourself this question: Is your shopping cart or payment processor stealing your customer list and selling your competitor’s products behind your back?

You may be shocked at the truth!

But it gets worse… They most likely do NOT share a single penny with you from sales generated from your stolen customer list!

It gets even worse, customers might just believe you’re endorsing a crappy product! OR EVEN REALLY BAD, your customers will most likely think you are selling their information to third parties…

Once you’ve unknowingly shared your list with them, it is gone. Kiss it goodbye. It is not something you can just fix with a keystroke or phone call…

We could start calling many out by name, but we are just not going to do that. Why? Some change their policy a few times a year and then attack the small people like us with threats and harassment. You need to take charge of your own business!

I encourage you to closely read their policies for yourself and if you cannot understand them, contact your payment processor and/or shopping cart provider with these two simple questions:

Do you market products to my clients via email or snail mail? AND, do you share my clients email or address with any third parties?

You COULD be in competition with your shopping cart / payment processor. How fair is this? Your greatest assets in your online business is your HARD earned customer list and YOUR relationship with them. Then you have your reputation to consider…

For those readers that offer digital downloads, services or run a membership site we have a recommendation (even if you offer physical products, take a look). You will most likely save money and you WILL NOT be sharing your hard earned customer mailing list.

Interested? You have nothing to lose by READING MORE HERE