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Broadcast WhatsApp Messages WOW Blaster Review

WOW Blaster is a Whatsapp software app that allows its user to easily broadcast WhatsApp messages to multiple leads in a single go.

This is especially useful for business owners, marketers and agents that want to reach out to their prospects and existing customer database. And our own testing show that it's more than double the effectiveness of SMS and minus the hefty recurring expenses!

Here Is A List Of Features On WOW Blaster:

- Import contacts from files or manually add your own contacts
- Send Whatsapp messages in bulk

- Add customize your messages like adding your contact names in your messages

- Attach multiple files within individual messages sent to contacts

- Add and save multiple Whatsapp accounts to avoid scanning QR code again everytime you want to send messages

- Auto generate detailed reports after sending your bulk messages

- Grab contact numbers from groups you joined and add them to sender list

- Control delays or intervals between each message sent to contacts

- Sleep function before re-activating the process of sending messages again

- Choose between "typing feel" style or "text inject"

- Filter numbers that have Whatsapp Accounts before adding them to contact list

- Desktop application and Android app available

Who This Software Is For?

- Internet Marketers

- Webinar Presenters

- Speakers

- Coaches

- Consultants

- Trainers

- Sales People

- Agents

- Agencies

- Anyone that wants to increase their conversions and engagement

What this quick overview video to see how easy the software is to use:


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