Website 101 Tips From the Pros

Great Resources for Website Owners

The following are some resources that website owners can use to get the most out of their websites. Be aware that these resources can change over time and others are constantly coming onto the scene.

  • Grammar Resources

Readers take you much more seriously when your website doesn’t contain grammar errors. The two biggest resources website owners can start with are: and Both have free and paid versions. Start out with the free versions and as your website becomes more established, you can decide if you want to upgrade.

  • Copyscape

It’s never a good idea to copy the work of others. It is okay to reference short segments of other people’s work as long as you give them credit. This is a copyright term known as fair use. However, if you want to ensure your documents have not been published elsewhere use

  • Amazon and Kindle

Amazon has a large amount of resources available to website owners. If you are in the beginning stages of your website, you will need to learn much about what needs to be done. They also have several resources for advanced website owners.

Keep in mind that you can also use Kindle books as ideas on what to write about for your niche. There are thousands of books available in just about any category. Sometimes, all that is needed is to scan the table of contents to generate an idea or two for your website.


Udemy has many classes available for website owners. Udemy offers courses for free as well as paid options. When seeking paid options, make sure you search online for coupons as you can get large discounts for courses that you take. Sometimes, those coupons knock down the price to $0, which obviously means it’s free.

Website hosting companies fall in and out of popularity. As such, you want an updated resource to help you determine which host to choose in case you run into trouble with your current company. Since hosting is cheap, you have the option of signing on with multiple companies. This gives you the capability of switching if one company goes down and takes your site with it. You simply point your name server to the alternative company, and you’ll be up and running in minutes. It used to take several hours to several days for name servers to propagate through the system. Today, it often happens in minutes. That’s why this could be a viable technique to keep your website running.

We hope that you enjoyed this 10 part series. It by no means is meant to cover everything you need to know but rather some tips to get you started. Be sure to subscribe to More Online Profit to learn how to make the most money online.