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Issues You May Face as a Webmaster

Owning a website is a fun and exciting experience. But, once in a while, you are likely to come across some issues that get in the way of your efforts. Here are some common ones to consider.

  • Getting Hacked

Many websites get hacked. It’s a fact of life. If yours is one that has never been hacked, consider yourself lucky. However, it could be only a matter of time before it happens. The more popular your website becomes, the more likely it will be to get hacked.

One way to reduce the occurrence of hacking is to make sure you have strong passwords. This is for any aspect of your website. Your password for your registrar should not be the same for your hosting, and your hosting should not be the same if you have a WordPress installation.

It’s understandably annoying to have to memorize all of those passwords, especially the more complicated they become. And they should be complicated. You should set them with uppercase and lowercase letters. Put some numbers and symbols in them if allowed. Try to make the passwords as long as possible. It would take a hacker several hundreds of years to brute force attack a password with 15 or more characters.

  • Not Having a Back Up Plan

Backing up your website or your hosting files is an activity that many webmasters put off until it’s too late. Many hosting companies will advertise that they back up your files, but you may have to wait days before they can restore it. If you do rely on them, make sure you are clear on what they include in those backups. Don’t just assume everything you put on your server will be part of the backup. Another issue is the frequency at which they perform backups. If they only do it once a month, but you update your website frequently, you could still lose important information.

  • Too Many Files or Overusing Bandwidth

Web hosting companies like to advertise that you have unlimited domains with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Good luck with that. If you peel back the layers of the terms of services of your hosting company, you will likely find they adhere to a concept known as fair use. This specifies how much space you are allowed as well as how much bandwidth you are allowed to use. It’s unknown why governments don’t crack down on this deceptive hosting practice.

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Don’t take a chance with your website. Take precautions to keep your website safe and try to keep up with the latest threats happening in the industry.