Website 101 Tips From the Pros

Tips on Promoting Your Website

There are millions of websites or blogs with more appearing on the scene each and every week. No matter what kind of message you are trying to convey with your website, it needs to get noticed. Use the following tips to help get your website well positioned.

  • Create an Editorial Calendar

You’ll hear this tip over and over again. Yet, it’s amazing how many people don’t do it. Creating frequent and consistent content for your website is a crucial element in gaining traction, both in the search engines and with your readers.

Think about websites you follow regularly. Do you prefer websites that have frequent updates or ones that are updated only once in a while? All things being equal, you probably chose the frequently updated option. You are not alone. Most people would choose that option as well. It’s going to be the same for your website. Keep it updated regularly. The best way to do this is to create an editorial calendar.

  • It’s Not Nice to Fool Google

You are going to read about all kinds of schemes on how to get better rankings on Google. Many of them, the majority, are going to be for techniques that try to game the system. They may even work in the short term. However, Google makes it a habit of adjusting its search algorithm to find these tricks. When it finds the culprits, it penalizes them with bad rankings. They have even been known to ban websites forever! Yes, this does happen. So, even though you may gain a couple of sales in the process, is it worth getting banned over?

  • Learn What Makes Your Reader’s Tick

Get inside the minds of your readers. How do you do this? Join forums and blogs of people that are in the same market as you. What kinds of questions are they asking? What kinds of answers are being given and by whom?

  • Follow Your Competition

Find competitors who have successful websites. While you don’t want to copy them outright, there is nothing wrong with using them as guidance. See what page components they are including. Look at the types of articles they write and subscribe to any newsletters they may offer, free or paid. Sometimes, the paid can be a measure of the quality of information these competitors are going after. Once you have a good feel, you can always unsubscribe from the newsletters.